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Innovative game dev solutions

Development process

How our game development works

We focus on the Full Game Development Life Cycle, providing the complete service, from an initial idea to deployment and maintenance. Marketing assistance included.



Ideas, Conceptualization, Research, Game Design Document, Prototype



Programming, Assets & Level Design, Storytelling, Audio Production, Testing, Deployment



Maintenance, Support, Updates, Marketing

Make a game that stands out!

Competition is vast and tough, so you need to be careful with many things. Get in touch with our Unity Certified developers to make an elaborate plan for your next game title.


Our services

A full game development cycle for PC & mobile games

We are making and maintaining games for our clients worldwide. Sometimes they need a complete solution, sometimes a service or two. Whatever the case, they know they’re safe with us, because their success is our top priority.

Ideas & Conceptualization
Game graphics (UI/UX & Assets)
Development (Programming & testing)
Deployment (Pc & mobile)
Post-production services
Innovative solutions & strategies

Extremely competitive industries like gaming demand a high level of innovation, as well as carefully designed strategies. If you really want to stand out, you need an experienced partner.

Customer LTV

Your customers need to feel that you really care about them. It’s the only way to build loyalty. That’s why we develop games with a Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) in mind.


Translation and culturalization are becoming a huge factor in the conversion rate (CVR) increase, especially when your decisions are data-driven. It’s one of the easiest ways to win over some markets and gain popularity.

Affordable prices

We’re offering the most competitive pricing for both of our complete and individual services.

Let’s start making something great today!

In 2018, 2.3 billion gamers across the globe spent $137.9 billion on games. With every quarter the trend is growing rapidly. Golden Age of Gaming provides countless opportunities for profitable businesses. With a partner you can completely rely on, success is your future.

Team for success

How we approach new projects

Absolutely nothing ignites our creative powers like a partnership with a visionary! We share your passion. We make it alive. This is how it looks like:

  • Understanding game idea and concept
  • Analyzing major features
  • Setting-up milestones and timeline
  • Designing game visuals
  • Game development and integration as per guidelines
  • Quality analysis and testing

Platforms, technologies, tools

In-house graphic design

Visuals win over the hearts

Top-quality. Modern. Unique. Eye-catchy. Clean. Enjoyable. Functional. UI & Assets. Appealing screenshots for game stores. Images for social media & ads. Our designers create awesome visuals for remarkable game experience and beyond.

Client testimonials

What our clients say

See for yourself whose trust we’ve earned through all these years

I work with Phezos for about 2 years now. They’re developing a manager game for my studio. I must say the team always exceeds my expectations. Their expertise is outmatched only by their passion. Great people to work with.

Magnus Bergsten

CEO of a game development studio

Phezos team made a game for us, covering the full game development cycle and we were more than happy with the final product. The graphics, the gameplay, the overall functionality, everything was top-notch! Great communication and smooth delivery.

Krešimir Galić

CEO of Konceptive

I found Phezos a few years ago and now work with them on a regular basis. They’ve done the full development for some of our games, and they maintain the other games from our portfolio, too. And for the marketing stuff, we also rely on the team completely. Helped us a lot!

Ian Robertson

CEO of Sanvada LLC